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The Premium Saveroller Engobes made and distributed by KESER ITALIA are available in various formulations. They can be made to specific customer requirements. In the lyophilized version too, they protect surfaces from the possible formation of deposits and scale. Ideal for application with silicone rollers, they are indispensable for large tiles.




KESER ITALIA has a multi-year worldwide experience in the research of targeted and customized solutions for every customer needs and in the furnishing of special materials for the ceramic industry.


Important innovations were reached by KESER ITALIA to improve the production processes of the ceramic industries. Our resercher study targeted solutions for the customer needs.

Special materials

KESER ITALIA develop since the beginning Hi-Tech products that combine high quality standards with our capability to develop formulation adjustments for every production needs of our customers.


Give advice to the ceramic industries is since the beginning our strong plus that make the difference between us and our competitors. Entrust KESER ITALIA to make a quality choice.

The products we customize basing on the specific needs of each ceramic industry that contact KESER ITALIA, are:

  • Save roller engobe: various type of engobe, for various type of ceramic productions, that contain alkaline reactions on firing, lessen the need of roller cleaning, increase the productivity, simplify the packaging management and facilitate the management of "external productions".
  • Anti-scratch protective: special anti-scratch protective layers, applied to the glaze surface of the ceramics, to protect the tiles in the transportation phase, allowing the tiles to slide one over the other without scratching.
  • CMC glue for glaze: glues in carboxymethylcellulose that favour the laying of the glaze, eliminating the risk of firing reduction, with various fluidifying effects, adhesive power and viscosity, basing of the specific needs of the customer.
  • Third-firing grits: a large selection of grits to get different effects with the third-fire, from the transparent vetrosa to the silver or gold spotted, from craquelé to metallized, from opaque to glossy...
  • SIL 60 body strengthen: SIL 60 is a binder for body expressely studied to improve the manufacture of ceramics body that reduces the problem of "Black-heart" (cuore nero).
  • POL fast joint system of special ceramic pieces: polyurethane based resin for bonding ceramic parts, suitable for bonding special ceramic pieces like steps and bull noses.